As we all know education plays a vital role for every one of us. Getting educated is not only important for us but also very important for the economic growth of the country. Education not only helps to develop a person but also contributes to the economic growth by using new technologies, efficient use of resources and many other such factors. In spite of all the efforts there are always some or other educational problems in india that is not being solved in spite all the efforts put in. so here are some of the problems of education because of which the illiteracy rate is not coming down.

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Lack of Funds

The main issue for development of education is no sufficient funds. Due to lack of funds most of the schools have no proper infrastructure, no equipment’s, no proper libraries and also no food and trained facilities due to which the children are not educated enough.

Higher cost

In these recent years, the cost for higher education has also increased where everyone is not able to afford them. If you are looking for good universities with best and professional education it is not affordable by many of them and hence most of the kids tend to dropout.

Negligence of Indian language

In most of the rural places their language is mostly the state language and once those students go for higher education where English is the main language for science, they can’t pick up the language easily and due to this they suffer a lot.

Brain Drain Problem

Most of the time, the talented and deserving students who can help in the progress of educational development tend to study in abroad for better education where they aim goal is of getting better job opportunities and tend to settle there. This also affect the progress of education in India.

These are some of the educational problems in india due to which there are many children who are not able to complete their education. We hope you got all the points and now know on what are the hurdles due to which there is no quick employment development. Keep visiting to not miss out on any article related to education, career and interview tips. Do share your view on how you found this article and also feel free share your quires if you have any.

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