Education plays a very important role in all of our life. Education is like the basic need that is has to give to everyone and is the basic right that is must. It helps us in improving our skills and develops our mind and your own self. But, the price of the fees in all schools and colleges are so high that it makes it very difficult for a person to pay the fees at one go that is why there are many banks that provide education loan india at a very low interest rate and flexible tenures.

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The eligibility criteria for education loans in India are:


The age for Under graduation study is around the year of 18 to 27 years for the approval of loan, like wise the age for post-graduation is around 21 years to 35 years, the age for doctoral course to around 27 years to 55 years and for post-doctoral course is around 27 years to 65 years.

Courses eligible

the courses for which the loan approval can be approved are as under graduate courses, post graduate courses, doctoral courses and PHD’s too. Also, the loans are approved for job-oriented courses, technical courses or 6 months certification courses.

 Institutes eligible

The loans are approved from the bank if you are willing to study in to a recognized colleges or government colleges. Also, if you are taking part into a private institution that is aided by government or into a professional institution. The loans are also approved if you are willing to study in to international colleges and universities.

Education loans are also of different  types but the most common type of loans that are provided by the government are on the basis or location of the institute that is where is the student going to study in India or abroad and also which institute and Course based loan where the factors considered are the loan is applied for under graduation loan or professional loans or career loans.

These are some of the main points that important to keep in mind when you are willing to apply for education loan india. We hope this article was helpful and you have the got all the information you were searching for. Keep visiting so that you don’t miss out on the latest post regarding education, career and interview tips.

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